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In 1981, MTV and Post-Its were launched. Reagan became President and a new HVAC system was installed in the Wyne Building (now home of WCI Arts Center).

That was a long time ago. MTV and the Presidency have seen many changes, but still live on. WCIAC’s HVAC lives on, too, but how long can an old, tired, inefficient system last?

WCIAC needs a new, efficient, reliable heating and cooling system. A new system will be at least 95% efficient, will cut our heating/cooling bills in half, and—very important– we won’t have to worry about when it might just decide to retire itself.

We also want to look to the future. We want to look towards renovating the 2nd floor for public use and have decided we should purchase a system for that floor as our first step in realizing this goal.

But it will cost.

The price is $29,000. We need your help.

We need the community to rally around us and our amazing building. We cannot do it alone.


One huge donor of $29,000. Twenty-nine incredibly generous donors of $1000. Two hundred and ninety very special donors of $100. Two thousand nine hundred sweet donors of $10.

No amount is too small.

We will appreciate each and every donation that is made. We are also offering some tokens of our appreciation, listed on the donation form below. (You can also become a member, if you’re not already, on the right hand side of this webpage! Easy!!)

Please listen to your warm heart and help warm the arts at the WCI Arts Center. Simply download the form below, fill out via Adobe Reader and pay via paypal.

Download (PDF, 862KB)

Warm Hearts Donors

Hot Coffee ($1-$99):

Jeannette Lokay

Hot Chocolate ($100-$249):

Nancy Crossman
Doug & Kate Mattsey
Sterling Kernek
Lowell Lueck
Ron Petrin
James Thompson

Hot Toddy ($250-$499):

Linda Lee Blaine

Hottest of Donors (>$500):

Dave & Sally Egler
Ron Green & Marietta Loehrlein
Macomb Audiology (Christine and Mitch Standard)

Supporting the Arts has always been our mission. We host exhibitions, performances, classes, art and gift markets, and many other cultural activities. Supporting the arts in the West Central Illinois region enriches us all. We aim to continue to provide opportunities for performance and visual artists to have a place to network with their peers, hone their craft, and provide a venue to inspire others.

But we can’t do it alone. Please consider becoming a memberand help us keep serving our region. Thanks!

WCI Arts Center enhances our region – and beyond – by providing a hub for area artists to engage with one another and share their talents with the community at large.