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Supporting the arts has always been our mission. We host exhibitions, performances, classes, art and gift markets, and many other cultural activities. Supporting the arts in the West Central Illinois region enriches us all. We aim to continue to provide opportunities for performance and visual artists to have a place to network with their peers, hone their craft, and provide a venue to inspire others. But we can’t do it alone. Please consider becoming a member and help us keep serving our region. Thanks!

WCI Arts Center enhances our region – and beyond – by providing a hub for area artists to engage with one another and share their talents with the community at large.

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Here are the winners of our Junior High and Senior High School Art Exhibition!
*A huge thank you to BLICK Art Materials for providing awards for our first, second and third place winners!*

Senior High Division 2-D (grades 10,11,12)

  1. Kinzie Taylor  11th grade Macomb (elephants)
  2. Ella Ackman 10th grade Rushville-Industry (abstract)
  3. Kaylee Agans 12th grade Macomb (portrait)
    Honorable Mentions
    Kate Ingles 11th grade Rushville-Industry (rainbow head)
    Reagan Johnson 12th grade Macomb (dog)

Senior High Division 3-D (grades 10,11,12)

  1. Katelyn Vozza 12th grade Rushville-Industry (cup)
  2. Searra Hovendon 12th grade Rushville-Industry (textile)
  3. Maya Dixon 11th grade Rushville-Industry (reed and twine)

Junior High Division 2-D (grades 7,8,9)

  1. Randi Gingery 9th grade Rushville-Industry (pinecone)
  2. Elyese Jones 9th grade Macomb (eyes)
  3. Charlie Weishaar 9th grade Rushville-Industry (hands)
    Emma Platt 9th grade Macomb (sunrise)
    Honorable Mentions
    Dacey Crowe 7th Bushnell Prairie City (yellow block print)
    Kori Trost 8th grade Macomb (unity)
    Olivia Naskrent 8th grade Macomb (connected)
    Sara Stufflebeam 8th grade Macomb (wage gap)
    Harry Kenneedy 8th grade Macomb (chained)