Upcoming Events

Battle of the Brushes 2020!


“The Things we Treasure” ( January 28-February 29)

This exhibit will display original artwork from private collections. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, January 18, 2020 and the only stipulation is that the piece must not be done by the contributor. If you would like to share something you purchased, received as a gift, inherited, etc., please email the following to gallery@wciarts.org:

1) A written narrative about the piece (approximately 250 words or less). In your narrative you might discuss the significance of the artwork, tell a story about the piece, and/or explain why you like it, how you came to own it, etc.
2) The title, artist, and medium of the artwork (as much as is known)
3) Your name and the town you live in

Plan to deliver your work to the gallery Sunday, January 26 at 2:00pm and to pick it up Sunday March 1 at 2:00pm. (Arrangements may be made for different times if necessary.)

Past Events (2019)

Kids Battle of the Brushes 2019

The Macomb Arts Center is looking for young artists in grades 1-8 to participate in the premiere Kids Battle of the Brushes (K-BoB!). This fun, fast-paint, friendly competition will take place 2:00-4:00pm, Sunday, October 27 at the MAC, 25 East Side Square in Macomb. Working with acrylic paint, each artist will create a painting in 20 minutes or less! Application deadline is Monday, October 21. Space is limited!

Rising Stars 2019

Rising Stars is a comprehensive three week theatre experience focused on developing all aspects (script, set, costumes, music, etc.) of a creative, original stage production. Everyone is a star at Rising Stars, on stage or off, because each person’s light is needed for our final production to succeed. No experience needed! We welcome kids who like to act, sing, play music, write stories, write songs, build things, draw, paint, create things, or just have fun and help out!

July 15 – August 2 (performances on August 2 and 3)

John Byrne Band Returns—With a Cookout!

(June 6, 2019. Doors open at 6:30 pm, performance begins at 7:30 pm)

Mother’s Day Tea

Please note that indicating on the event page that you are going to this event is not the same as making a reservation. Stop by the Arts Center to buy tickets between noon and 3 today (5/8) or Friday (5/10). You can also reserve online by sending an email to tickets@wciarts.org, or by phone, calling (309) 836-2782.
The deadline for purchasing or reserving tickets for the Mother’s Day Tea is 3pm Friday (5/10).
Be sure to get yours soon, Thanks! 

American Roots Ensemble Concert (May 9, 2019. 6pm)

Come support these talented musicians and the Macomb Arts Center! Only $2!

Members & Friends ( May 7 – June 8)

Reception May 10 (5-7pm)