Submit Proposal to Teach

Enrich Our Community – Teach What You Know!

We’d love to help you share your knowledge with our regional community! We are looking for people to teach classes, workshops, and seminars. If you’d like to teach it, we want to help you make it happen!

Due to time and space constraints, not every proposal will be accepted, but we will give every proposal full consideration.


Please submit your proposal at least six weeks in advance of the beginning of your program or class.  Thank you for your interest in helping the Macomb Arts Center provide quality arts education to the region!

A proposal will include a response to the following questions, providing as much information as possible.

Please describe the educational program/class you are proposing by answering the following questions:

  • What will be the focus?
  • How and when will it be taught?
  • For how long?
  • Who will be eligible for participation?
  • What are the benefits of this program/class?

Identify what you will need from the Macomb Arts Center to help this program/class succeed. Include information regarding space, equipment, supplies, and anything else you might need.

Please attach your resume to this proposal. Add any additional information regarding your qualifications specific to this arts education proposal. *We reserve the right to perform background checks & refuse courses as deemed necessary for the safety of participants and the Center.

Charging Fees

  • What fee do you suggest for participants?
  • The Macomb Arts Center currently receives 20%* of participant fees. *This is subject to change, as we are in the process of establishing a fee schedule for Arts Education programs.

Download the proposal form.

Please return the form, with a copy of your resume/vita attached, and send it to the Macomb Arts Center, C/O  Nancy Crossman
25 East Side Square, Macomb, IL  61455

or submit it digitally via email to